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Art Basel Part 3: Live Painting in the Streets With Lewy V, Tuto, and the tourists

With the 3 installations complete, 2 murals painted and created, and two display walls mounted and hung, I finally get some time to hangout in the streets live painting with anyone and everyone who walks by Having this canvas on wheels was completely by chance but could not have been better for the occassion. Once again the art gods are watching over Wynwood

Not only was the live painting canvas on wheels but it fit perfectly alongside my paints inside of a little nook on the front of the building. This gave more sidewalk space for an audience and room for another artist to paint the backside of the canvas

Making some progress and once again without fail....

our new homie Tuto shows up around 10-11pm! He immediately gets started painting the back of the canvas

It did not take long for an audience to form and the questions to start rolling in. One particular little boy asked if he could try and without missing a beat Tuto jumped at the opportunity to teach this young local how to use a spray paint can

Little mans a natural

and encouraged by his father!

After 6 year old Zach finished tagging up the entire pole I resumed painting my canvas. Unfortunately Tuto had to leave before finishing his painting

Nearly finished...

that is until I started getting some of the people walking by to try spray painting for the first time

even our friendly neighborhood block security guard got in on the fun!

With the thousands of people in the streets it is very likely you'll see a familiar face. Coming in from Austin, TX, where we had first met, is another very talented artist by the name of Lewy V. Lewy took no hesitation in saying yes when I asked if he would like to live paint a big canvas. I ran inside, grabbed a piece of plywood, buffed it quick, and Lewy V got to work!

In no longer than an hour, street conversations included, Lewy V had finished painting this funky guitarist

We brought the blue funk man inside, powered up the jigsaw and made some quick modifications

By cutting this guy out he came to life! larger than life at that!

After Lewy V had finished painting i buffed out the abstract jumble of paintings that the random street tourists had painted and started a new piece..

Photo by Uloang

After finishing up that painting I flipped the canvas around and put the finishing details on the original painting I had started at the beginning of the evening

i really enjoy the way this one came out especially paired next to a smaller painting of similar style with different medium ..and of course the gigantic psychedlic sloth

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