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Happy Valentines Day!

and one year anniversary to the Heartbreak Hotel opening! at Kingston Pop Museum

The most comprehensive artistic endeavor I've embarked on to date! With the help of Kingston Pop Museum and over 70 artists, friends, performers, and staff we created a one night, sold out, 4 room fully immersive art installation and gallery showing with 40 artists on display, 5 install artists, bands, signers, burlesque performers, photographers, and videographers!

The show was on display for a month and then I was given the green light to turn it into a comedy club with the help of a handful comedian friends. What followed was another sold out night! and another month extension of the show : D

With 2 sold out nights under the belt I presented KPM with my 3rd iteration proposal for the Heartbreak Hotel: For the Love of Music. Slated to have multiple live performances from local and international singers, bands, and performers, as well as new artworks, new installations, new murals, new-ness everywhere...! ...!.... we were unfortunately halted by the pandemic and Heartbreak Hotel was shut down with no closing party

The nights we had will live forever in our minds A huge thanks to all the artists, friends, and visitors :)

Recap video showcasing the artworks with no crowd:


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