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Art.. It can make you a happier person, a meaner person, a lukewarm person, art can help you find relief, it can help you find solace, it can also help you find anger, or release it. In the contemporary world everyone wants their art to seen, liked, and shared. Digitally. Artworks have been reduced to little rectangles. A master work will not and can not garner the respect it deserves if it can only be viewed on a 2" rectangle screen. But yet a banana taped to the wall is the biggest breakthrough of the social media era for contemporary art.. We are being programmed to balance our self worth based off how many people double tap our creations. Ive been culprit of this ..months creating a work and then posting it online only to have the reception be slim and unexpected to the extremely high standard I hold myself to. 150 likes isnt a enough. I NEEED 150 THOUSAND. 150 MILLION. I NEED MORE. AND MORe. AND MOre. AND More. AND more. ANd more. And more. and more ..and more :(

Research has shown a direct link to the raising levels of depression beginning at the release of the iPhone. Social media being the IV poked into everyones blood stream. Over this time Ive been trying to find out how to reduce the amount of time this evil rectangle stares at my face. Even typing this on a laptop makes me uneasy. Which is why this is a short message.. An ideal world through these glowing blue lit eyes is never having to stare at a monitor again .. But, we dont live in an ideal world.

"Youre an artist! You have the best job on the planet! what about it could you hate?!"

- Most everyone who works a job they hate

I do like my job. I do not love it. Having this job requires a monumental amount of time spent staring at a screen. Constricting myself to a chair by a table in a temperature controlled room. The part I love is being outside and creating... Creating without the end game of having my creation fit nicely into a little rectangle. Art should be free of restrictions. ART SHOULD BE FREE OF RIGHT ANGLES. If I am to love "my job" I wouldnt have to make it fit nicely into a little rectangle package and allow others to tell me what they think of it unless I ask. I am going to attempt to do that more. Not the right angle part, I no longer trust rectangles. The creating more me and not for you part. My ego has begun to shrink while I watch others ego take over their mind. An artwork going viral doesnt mean you are better than the next artist. It means you made something that people are comfortable with. Comfort will fucking kill you.

I dont want to die.

Create and let go.

Dont look back.

You paint on paper and canvas

I can defeat you with one match. One flick of a lighter and destroy all you've let yourself love Dont create to fall in love

Dont create for tomorrow

Create for now

Let the art die if it has to die

Let it flourish if it has to flourish Avarice has become an illness

Let go

Thank you for taking the time to read this Thank you for taking the time to look at my website You only own the time you have here on Earth

Use it wisely


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