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8 Foot Tall Praying Mantis Spotted in Poughkeepsie, NY

Mural season in the Northeast US is coming to an end as the autumn forecast calls for snow in 2 days. The good folks over at Cryptic Gallery are hosting their final outdoor event of the year, Summer Sessions, with 11 artists painting their own murals during a 1 day jam

November is nearing and the insects have all nearly disappeared. One insect in particular that I enjoy studying is the praying mantis. Provided a multi textured wall space I decided to paint my praise to the insect world. Take a moment to appreciate the inner mechanics of an insect and the mystical abilities they possess. Imagine a world where insects were the size of mammals ............ Now take a second to thank Earth for keeping these 6 legged, quadruple razor spiked sword wielding, 4 jawed, flight capable, voracious, camouflaged masters of the hyper speed ambush under the size of your shoe.

Thank you Earth

You are endlessly fascinating

Ok first move for the mural:


Mantis number 1, flaring out its newly molted adult wings:

Mantis number 2, in defense pose

Second step, fills

Full view of the wall

Mantis are nearly complete

The sketch mockup compared to the final mural

Sometimes the wall has dimensions you cannot consider until physically painting it

The moves could be subtle,,,

and make all the difference

My brother here is 6'2"

to give scale of these insect behemoths

Third step, detail and drop a link

Thanks for reading this all the way through, hope you enjoyed

Another reminder, thank Earth (and save your posts!) Professor Google has this to say on the matter, "Recent figures indicate that there are more than 200 million insects for each human on the planet! A recent article in The New York Times claimed that the world holds 300 pounds of insects for every pound of humans."

How many praying mantis are equivalent to 300 pounds? The average mantis is maybe 4 to 5 grams ...

Lets round up and say 5 grams each

Thats roughly 136,078

I wouldnt stand all too tall against 136,000 praying mantis

unless I had a flamethrower

Thank you Earth




(Editors note: I spent over 80 minutes creating this blog with the breakdown of the mural, info on the praying mantis, video references, and then rambled on about the incredible abilities of the insect world and how there are 10 quintillion insects on Earth and thank you insect gods for not shifting the insect consciousness to band together and take over the human race


the blog editing platform failed and the article was erased. What you are reading is a sped up version of that unsaved post)


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