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BB King Mural Process Photos

Process photos for BB King tribute mural painted this past month in

Syracuse, NY at 1965 W. Fayette St.

Jus Sum Jazz Lounge

Upon arrival its a cloudy overcast evening

the wall is already buffed with a nice black background ready for some paint

The following morning it was a nice, clear, sunny day

First move is getting the 'Jus Sum Jazz' text up on the middle wall (to the far right)

and sketching up Mr. BB King

Lines are in proper order and now lets begin adding color..

Gotta love the style BB had, flashy dress and good sounds Once he is fully rendered we can start in on the background; electric, flames, clouds

Note to other artists: If you have the storage space for a breakaway scaffold (definitely) invest in one!

All in one desk and ladder on wheels keeping the party rollin

Day 2, sky is clear again

BB is complete, the text is complete, the flames are complete, last touch is adding the purple moon and clouds This mural is on a pretty heavily trafficked road so from time to time I would....

Show a little skin for the audience, gotta feed the wolves

And not before long we have our purple full moon on a cloudy evening fully rendered to fill in the negative space on the wall

[Invert BB] Legend has it he would play the blues right handed and when he went lefty he would belt out some soulful jazz may have made that part up

The full view of our completed mural :)

BIG THANK YOU to Sharon & family at Jus Sum Jazz Lounge

1965 W. Fayette St. in Syracuse, NY

They'll be opening early August 2020 so if you're in the area and want to relax with a drink, good music, and some food from a southern miss this is your spot! See you there

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