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New Quarantine Creation

All this social distancing and isolation has given me some time to create something new in anticipation for the closing party of ''Heartbreak Hotel" Painted at the Kingston Pop Museum in Kingston, NY

a confusing time. the worlds on edge, businesses are closing, people aren’t leaving their homes everyone i speak with has information without facts. knowledge depends on facts from a reliable source but who can i rely on? nothing makes sense i am not here to give you advice or information i am here to tell you I have no idea what is happening and no one i speak with knows either the world has advised me to stay away from people. to isolate myself in the extreme emergency that i must be near another human being the advised distance is stay 6 feet away only my ancestors should be 6 feet away from me continuing to hone a craft is a generous distraction this painting makes sense to me now that it is finished I am going to do something else that makes sense.

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