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Another New Mushroom Collaboration with Jomau

December 23, 2019

Depending on where you believe the origin Christmas story comes from mushrooms may or may not be the creators of the Christmas story

this mural went through 3 stages, none of which were painted with purpose to become a collaboration and that is what makes it so fu*ki*g great :D

stage 1 - painted orange back in October for the Coddiwomple Cathedral of Interactive Obscurities
stage 2 - Jomau and one single can of blue paint sprayed away
stage 3 - early December I added a touch of Christmas colors with the mushroom DNA strands



if any artists are willing to add a stage 4 to this mural email me and lets collaborate!!




also painted a mini mushroom on canvas for a friend

shoot me an email if you would like your own mushroom!



 Big thanks to the Kingston Pop Museum for being a place for creativity to flourish

Happy Holidays everyone!


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