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The Coddiwomple Cathedral of Interactive Obscurities

The Coddiwomple Cathedral of Interactive Obscurities at the Kingston Pop Museum! A 3 day fully immersive group arts exhibition featuring live music, performance, and site specific interactive installations built by each of the participating international and local artists curated by (the guy typing :D) ... Each artist will be building artworks and creating larger then life installations that transport those who step inside of them into an arts bazaar full of other worldly peculiar eccentrics and curious interdimensional creatures occupying a blacklight forest. The theme of the exhibition is to disregard the normal structure of the “Do Not Touch” museum and encourages those in attendance to be hands on with the art and performances happening around them. There will be prizes to be won, secret rooms to be discovered, touch, throw, taste, and engage the artwork with each and every human sense. That paragraph was my sales pitch to get the green light on this event. And guess what, IT WORKED! The man behind the Kingston Pop Museum, John Stavros, allowed me full reign for 3 weeks in October to bring together friends and artists both local and international to create our own house of wonders using all 4 main event spaces within the KPM. This show has been in the planning phase for over 3 years! To put it very simply, I was excited!

Installations by artists BoogieREZ, Xek Noir, NOXER, G. P. Grunts & The Robs, Sludge Thunder, Raw Sol, with a collaborative work by Jomau & myself! And on top of the Coddiwomple Cathedral art show I will be hosting a paint battle on the Saturday afternoon of the event! Battling artists are Annbelle Popa, Whitney Luedtke, Jomau, Raw Sol, and the winner of our last paint battle, Mr. Ward Lamb!!! **Due to sickness both Ward Lamb and Raw Sol were unable to attend. Stepping in for Raw Sol is participating installation artist NOXER and local legend, Scott Ackerman substituting for Ward Lamb.

Here's the Coddiwomple breakdown: 3 day group art exhibition with interactive installations by 8 artists, live burlesque performances, performance by The Magnetic Pull, paint battle, secret doors, hidden art, and we'll be painting a couple cars in the courtyard while darts are being thrown into balloons filled with paint all paired up with a catered buffet of delicious finger foods and several local drafts on tap!

After 3 months of prep work the first day of setup has begun Here's a sprinkler system eyes view of the main museum floor as NOXER and I began to build

This fella here is Jomau He excels at coffee drinking and making art out of anything available Here he is letting no scrap wood go to waste and hiding faces all over the courtyard

He and I will be building a larger then life installation together on the brick walls inside the main museum. More on that in the following blog

(here is a taste of that install (on the let) and) The bones of NOXER's installation coming together

Xek Noir creation station

Sludge Thunder proudly introduces, 'The Cone Game' !!!!

BoogieREZ delivery spaceship

And without giving away too much of the show I'll leave this blog here

Rob Gamble, Glenn Prior, and Rob Jacobs, these 3 intergalactic travelers turned the entire bottom floor of the museum into the Black Light Forest. How you get to the stairwell leading to the Forest is up to you

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