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Building a Monster with Jomau

So you've created an opportunity for you and a friend to make an installation together, eh? First, you need a plan. You need to know the logistics of the space.. ceiling height, budget, materials, etc, all the basics that will help you and your team when you sit down to develop the idea that you will be building. All of these little details will be important to know into the months, sometimes years, it takes for the production process to flow. That is unless, you work like Jomau & I. In our case it took 4 mixed drinks and one short walk to come up with an idea to fully illuminate the entire space with multi-functioning LED DNA strands that stretch from floor to a candy-like-ceiling of colors. It took even less mixed drinks to fully abandon that idea once Jomau had ordered the LED balloons and flown in from Austin, TX to NY and stepped foot in the museum space for the first time. The conversation went something like this: '''What do you want to build? Something big. How much of a budget do we have? None. What materials are available? None. Excellent! Lets create a giant monster coming out of the wall''' Saddle up n jump on the flying stingray, lets see where this adventure takes us Its amazing what you can do with a roll of caution tape, chicken wire, and packing tape

Our base idea comes from a 20 second sketch of the monster

The construction of the monster began with the hands and worked its self inwards to the body/head. I also forgot to mention that this monster will be hanging over the stage for the band, burlesque troupe, and DJ One hell of a cool backdrop

Tightening up hand bones

wrap in caution


Now roll some chicken wire, connect the wire, roll in caution tape and hey little lizard you got yourself an arm

Repeat process and hey sneaky raccoon you got yourself another arm

Now that the arms are in place and acting as anchors we can build the body and head Giving the monster a bit of a frog feel

Quick experiement annnnddd Lets make the monster glow while we are at it

Before detailing the body we decide to have fun with the room behind the monster What you cant see is that there is a tiny entry way to the museum display room behind the monster and being that the monster is traveling through a wall there should be a body part behind the wall. A big ol behind behind the wall

introducing, monster butt i cant ignore the fact that looks like boobs or a ballsack BUT we are going to ignore that because this is art and its a butt because we say it is a butt. art. After installing the right hand fingers over the entry way to the museum display room the monster grew a long pink frog-tongue Plus some styrofoam eyeballs

..cardboard teeth light paint ....mount black light to ceiling ......make one tooth a gold cap ........buck teeth forever, you filthy vermin

then for the final touch the scientist came up from the KPM depths with a new set of eyeballs for monster

NOW ITS TIME TO BOOGIE with the Magnetic Pull

The party monster is always first to show up and last to leave

even when the lights go off the party light in the monster stays on

even on a Sunday with the kids

Might have partied too hard last night, looks like you may be missing a couple teeth

Hope you all enjoyed this monster build with Jomau and I :)

we are always looking for a new place to build these monsters. if you would be interested in your own monster please contact me by clicking here

see you all at Coddiwomple Cathedral Part 2 coming next year

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