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Artist Feature: Lewy V

Lewy V is an enigma coming in from LA, Seattle, Austin, and everywhere inbetween. He is a multi-disciplinary mixed media wizard with a passion to expand his visual artillery and learn from those masters he thoroughly studies.

Lewy and I first met in his current home base of Austin, TX at the legendary HOPE Graffiti Park. Ever since our first meeting I've kept tabs on his work and artistic evolution over the years and continue to be impressed by how he switches styles up, combines influences of modern masters with realism and abstraction and on top of that continues to push his clothing line, scooter line, AND has an artwork output that never ceases to amaze

Earlier this year I was granted the greenlight to start a residency program out of the Kingston Pop Museum in Kingston, NY. One of the first artists in mind was Lewy V! I approached him with the offer and after some back n' forth we came to an agreement on time and date of residency. Within a couple months Lewy had made the short 1,800 mile drive from Austin to Kingston with a car jam-packed with artworks and got crackin on turning the main museum floor into Lewys Land of Absurdity

All of the artworks featured on the green wall were created in house

During Lewy's opening he began to live paint a canvas measuring around 7 x 3-4'

and even let some of the kiddos join in!

Earlier in the week, before the Lewy museum take over, the Kingston Pop Museum hosted a curated group show by Laura Sativa & SoulCakes called 'Future Visage'

Among the featured artists in the curated group show was Lewy V who painted this mural live during the opening reception of Future Visage

Like the live painted canvas Lewy had to leave before finishing up the mural. Both the mural and canvas' were left behind for myself to collaborate

The canvas is still in progress but, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to get down on the mural

You can view more of Lewy V artworks by checking out his website or his instagram

Be sure to give him a follow! he is an ever-evolving anomaly who is destined to create more monumental master work of art throughout his lifetime

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