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845 Vibrations Fest

845 Vibrations, the brain child of the Brown brothers, Michael & Justin

Have you ever gone to a festival and overheard a conversation about a group of people starting their own festival? Or maybe you have lead that conversation with friends? Either way, at some point most everyone at a festival says to themselves, "I wanna throw my own festival" whether this thought is brought about because of the entire surrounding grid is in a happiness fog or because you seriously want to throw your own festival, very few have acted on this urge.

Enter longtime friends of mine, the Brown brothers, who took this idea and joined that veryyyyy slim percentage of people who do in fact throw their own festival. Not only put this entire productions together in 2 months but, they made it 100% free! This year was the first iteration of 845 Vibrations and I can guarantee this festival will grow by the hundreds, if not thousands, each year around

Coming straight off a 28 hour drive across the country I spent the day pre-festival scattering as much artwork throughout the festival grounds as possible

A double-sided display wall right next to the main stage (wish I had taken night time shots, everything looks better during a festival at night-time)

Suspended some paintings in the trees

Festival creator, Michael: "Hey wanna paint some guys car?" Me: "Absolutely!" 5 mins later..

The sun was setting quickly this was the last photo I had taken of the car before finishing up

Many thanks to Michael, Justin, Jane, Gregg, the whole Brown's clan, and Sasha!! Looking forward to next year :)

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