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Ramapo Camp for Children & Eugene the Whale

While visiting the Ramapo Camp for Children I learned that there is a whale on the lake who is named Eugene. It is not very often that I meet someone or something that shares the same name as I. A quick paddle over and sitting out there is a dreary looking, paint chipping, crustacean building, whale named Eugene

Upon arrival at Eugene there was a brief brainstorming session with Adventure Instructor (and one of my favorite humans on Earth) Sasha Reydel where it was mutually agreed upon that Eugene needed a new paint job and I, Eugene the human, was the one to lead the charge. The good folks at Rampapo arranged a day and time for groups of campers to come over and help me out painting the whale Some of the campers were much more enthused then the others and like any good art the materials started flying around

no article of clothing was safe from the paint tsunamai!

Each group was given a section to paint

In only a couple short hours Eugene the whale went from a chipped black grungy whale to a bright and colorful master collaborative work by over 50 artists!

Once the campers finished up Eugene's new makeover I went in with a little spray paint and added my own splash of color and an eye

or two..

A special thank you to the Ramapo Camp for Children in Rhinebeck, NY and Sasha Reydel for all of the help Eugene looks much happier now :D

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