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This is why we should burn our artwork

Every once in awhile a painting makes its way through the stages of studio works under the radar.. The textures are unique, the imagery is well executed, the painting works. Kind of... the artwork is visually pleasing but, would I hang it in a show? Probably not. So the painting ends up in a stack of other artworks that I cannot bring myself to paint over. Sometimes friends will take these off my hands and add to them, bringing new life to the canvas, and a collaborative creative energy to our lives. Sometimes collectors will buy them. Sometimes they remain in this stack for years. Until recently.. To rid myself of these wanted-unwanted treasures I began to light them all on fire *insert big grinning smiley face* After burning through 7 or 8 canvas' by dousing them all in gasoline and shooting fireworks at them I took a moment to set up some cameras and capture one of them descending into a firey pigment filled grave If you have one single minute to spare take a moment to watch the video below. Fire is particularly hypnotizing in slow motion. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed setting these artworks ablaze

As a friendly reminder; if you come to one of my exhibitions or view my artwork online and see a painting you like.. reach out and ask how to become an owner of the painting. Because it is highly likely that from the time you see the artwork, if it hasnt sold in 3 months from then, it will become roman candle target practice and to give conclusion to the title... we should burn our artwork because it is fun! the object can no longer consume your time and space if it no longer exist

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