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Painting Mr. Flowers

This past Friday I was invited by BGW ArtC to create a painting with the Poughkeepsie, NY community to commemorate a fallen member of the community, Mr. John Flowers The concept was simple. We have our canvas, I sketch out a portrait of Mr. Flowers, and then anyone including his friends and family passing by can help fill in the space around his portrait

Before I could even finish the sketch there was already a line of kids waiting to help me paint. Even the local police gave a helping hand!

It did not take long before the background was entirely filled in and I could begin to render the portrait

This was a very touching and heartfelt painting involving more then 100 different hands and all the love a community has for one of its fellow members who were taken from the Earth all too soon

Thank you to Corene and the BGW ArtC, LLC for this opportunity to help remember our past through the power of art!

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