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Paint Jam Presented by Cryptic Gallery, Shatzi's PK, and Collective Arts Brewing

This past weekend the good fellas at Cryptic Gallery put together a paint-jam in collaboration with Shatzis & Collective Arts Brewing to bring an all day painting event to the Shatzis beer garden

Teaming up with artist Denis Barry, John Breiner, and CENT we all spent the day painting a 50' mural for anyone who stopped by

If you find yourself in Poughkeepsie, NY treat your hunger and thirst and stop by Shatzi's Pub (202 Main St.). Not only are the food and the beer great but, now they have some great art to boast as well!

This was our canvas

First lines begin to go down

John Breiner bringing his sketch to life

We began working on the wall before the lunch & dinner rush began For anyone who has been around a lot of spray paint knows eating within 10' of the paint doesnt always make for happy customers

Mr. Denis Detail getting in with the skinny brush

Wall is beginning to take shape. Each artist had their own section except for myself, who came in around this point to be the one who helps tie the whole piece together by adding some elements of my style here and there plus creating a background for all the artists to work with

The Shatzis skunk by CENT

Suns going down and the crowd starts to pick up You wouldnt be able to tell from the front of Shatzi's but they have a HUGE and very lush beer garden in the back. Great place to day drink with some friends

Leader of the pack & Cryptic Gallery owner, Ovid, starting to position the Cryptic Octo-Owl Logo

With helping hands from our good buddy Skatchface

AND VOILA, after a couple hours, couple beers, couple meals, and a couple laughs we have our finished mural!!!

Big thank you to Ovid and the Cryptic team for putting this together! Special thank you to Collective Brewing and especially to Shatzis for the hospitality!!!

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