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Pop-Up Show at EcoBean in Tarpon Springs, FL

The amazing team at EcoBean in Tarpon Springs, FL invited me to show a new body of work within their lab during the month of March. Both indoor and outdoor installations and displays

With a large body of work still in Florida from Art Basel it was fortunate that I could take advantage of the light packing and fly down instead of trekking another 20 hour drive from NY to FL. A favorite activity of mine, best enjoyed on long layovers, is shown above.. mojitos, ceelo, and people watching. Once arrived in Tampa it was a short drive over to Tarpon Springs and the build could begin

Pictured above and below is the outdoor courtyard in which the wooden cutout faces I had in abundance could interact and blend with the surrounding foliage and (on multiple occasions) take photos with the locals

Some visitors even took faces home with them :)

Inside EcoBean were about 20 or so paintings and collages on display. Aside from the art they were also serving incredibly delectable drinks and entrees

Thank you to the Rachel, the EcoBean family, and all the visitors who came to see the 2 week installation :) A special than you to those who took a piece home with them See you all again next year!

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