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Polis HQ in Austin, TX

There is a new stronghold of the arts happening at the hive of Polis HQ in Austin, TX. The great n' powerful David and team are creating a spectacular new visionary experience for anyone lucky enough to figure out where the door is at The graceful Southwest airline plane touched down at Bergen Airport in Austin at 10:18pm, by 10:45 i was in Polis HQ sketching all over my section of the floor

Before going any further take a minute to examine the photo below. Those are two panorama shots of Polis HQ. All of the walls and the floor account for the works of over 100 artists! and they havent even started the ceiling. There is a stage inside of a spaceship, there are smoke machine's linked to random buttons around the warehouse, and there is no shortage of unique light installations. This place is a stimulation overload in all the best ways

My instructions prior to flying in were to paint a section of the floor and a section of the walls.

Before the first day was even over the gears of @Daaru_art were spinning and we began progress into making an interactive version of my logo

Standing over 6 foot tall it was a great installation to attach to the scaffolding I would be live painting from the following evening during the party the LED light strip was mounted around the logo and wired to the control panel on the floor. Atop the control panel are 4 big buttons, one red, one blue, one green, one yellow. When the logo is illuminated guests can control the sequence of the colors pulsating around the logo by pressing the big buttons on the control panel. It was extremely fun and a great new step into adding illuminated aspects to installation works

a huge thank you to everyone who helped bring it to life! next day, doors open at 9 for a great night with live painting and performances, friends from outta town, Chappiefunk, good people and a great time. during the event I started my section of the wall

some funky new faces to grace the birdseye breakdown day came really quick.. inbetween cleanup some of the team took a minute to jam around on the live paint walls... >> this little blue guy is the last painting i made in austin

These 4 days went by fast to truly appreciate this creative stronghold that is Polis HQ u must experience it in person or at the very least on video, which i will try to upload some of the very little documentation i managed to record.


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