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Art Basel Part 4: Opening Night!

After building, painting, and 9 days of no sleeping it is finally opening night! Here are some photos of the fully built display setup and installations presented by the Kingston Pop Museum featuring the artwork of Stetz and the Antonio Lopez Collection

And without further ado the doors are officially open!

Sabrina from Tampa wearing a custom made belt created in collaboration by John Stavros & Stetz

When your paintings manifest in the physical form......

Keeping it funky in the streets..

One of the fun aspects of being your own sales rep. is you spend a lot of time in one place watching the thousands of people come and go. Throughout that time you overhear nearly as many random conversations as you are a part of. It didnt take long until an ongoing trend appeared.. Everyone in Miami right now is a celebrity...of some sort.... "Oh you're a famous pop singer in Sweden? Very cool.." "You're a famous chef in the most southern province of China?" "You use to walk Robert DeNiros dogs? You're the most famous dog walker in the Hudson Valley of New York?" We're all very important people arent we At one point in the evening I decided that I want to avoid someones dishonesty when introducing myself as the artist behind the paintings they are looking at to avoid that fake celebrity and to do that I multiplied and became not the artist Stetz but, his twin brother, the not-artist. The only group of people I approached as the not-artist turned out to be some very influential names in the art world. I had learned this information after saying goodbye. This group of very well dressed adults were very interested in a specific painting. While asking me questions about it they asked if the artist Stetz was famous? .. Yes, depending on the room we are in ..

With every 1,000 people you dont recognize there are some that you do.. such as Florida State QB's who went into the NFL and have played for two teams with the craziest fan bases in all of football, Bills & Raiders.

It has happened again Time slipped by. The clock has only felt to be 1 hour not 1 week Its been more than a week since arriving in Wynwood and it feels no further from the moment I woke up in Kingston, NY the morning of departure from the cold to the Miami sunshine. Again, I have put my body through a rigorous test of creative output and efficiency fueled by little to no sleep and even more expensive food. Its been fun. but, all fun things some times come to a screeching halt, such as they should Its been a life altering adventure in Miami the party was great, the drinks were in abundance, most of the people were beautiful, and the smiles were smiles

maybe next year I'll stay for longer maybe not. regardles, I hope to see you there. thanks for reading :)

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