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Art Basel Part 2: Building a Display Installation, Bar, and a DJ Booth

Today is going to be a long day. Before getting back to work there was a search for food and beautiful artwork to be completed. It is important that I did not bring my phone or camera with me but, if I had the next two photos would have my favorite photos from that collection

The women and child portrait section of the mural(s) above are by an incredible artist named Max Sansing. Of all mural artist work I have been following his work is among those I most admire. This is the first time seeing his artwork in person after years of actively having an eye out for his works. It certainly did not disappoint

Back to the gallery build.. The Obama mural is nearly completed minus a few 3D elements to be hung

On the other side of the Obama mural there is a big ol' blank wall

Leftover from the display installation are a number of floating heads that would look great up there

One of the hands grew a body! (gloss painted pants = awful glare from light)

This is the current progress of my display table installation The yellow leaflets will be painted and mounted to the free-standing head and light ray cutouts

like so...

and viola now we have a beautiful blossoming flower of beauty and light

It's nearly 11pm and the gallery curator tells me he has to run but, he had invited an artist off the street to come paint his message someplace within the gallery In enters Dmir from Los Angeles His message is direct, to the point, and simple

the middle finger. it is a globally recognized symbol of hate. A symbol that can be made with the same hand that holds the ability to turn that hate into love by giving a partner, the pointer finger, to the middle fingers presence.

"We're One Finger Away From Peace" - @dmirworld

Next project: Build a custom bar using only recycled and found material.

The art gods kept shining on Miami and provided more than enough scrap wood, pallets, and help from the community. It was no problem finding the material needed to build a bar. In the photo below are some of the scrap wood and pallets we found out in the street

Just as Im beginning to plan out the build for the bar in walks an artist from Miami named Tuto. He had randomly stopped by the previous night curious as to what I was working on and offered a helping hand. It was clear he had interest in the arts and wanted to learn from those around Wynwood as he told me of his day spent assisting other artists he encountered in the street working on murals. Bear in mind he had started assisting artists at 7am and it is now 1:02am,the kid has drive.. Tonight, as he came by to say hello he offered the same helping hands. There wasnt much help needed except for removing a pile of cardboard that I had drawn some quick one liner sketches on. After looking at the cardboard Tuto obliged and insisted on keeping the cardboard paintings for his collection and then asked me how much for them? "Tuto I can not accept money for these I am seconds away from throwing them in the trash" Tuto - "Well I cant take them for free.." So we came to a medium ground, my personal favorite form of barter, a trade! He will trade me a work of art in exchange for these cardboard works of art..

After hands were shook on our agreement he jumped on his skateboard and rode off into the Miami streets. Like clockwork, the next night at around 11pm in comes a skateboard bound Tuto with his painting

Spontaneity keeps me happy. Tuto had created this painting in under 5 minutes on a piece of plywood found a couple blocks away. It was perfect! After laying out our artwork trade I had an idea that could be attacked with a jigsaw and a couple screws. The bar was lacking design on the front and Tuto's character was the perfect fit to stand barside with our guests. Again, another example of spontaneity. This time sprouting an instant collaboration

After adding our new orange bar regular there are a couple more additions to be made before the bar is complete

Custom cut countertop, signage on the front, leftover cuts from the display-table installation, two shelves built in behind the bar front, and then we have ourselves a fully functional, working, bar! that only needs one last touch....

A fully stocked bartender

2 installations built

1 more to go Final build of the day-night is a DJ booth Same formula as the bar build.. counter, two shelves, and a stand. Only difference this time is the DJ booth needs to be much smaller to fit in the given space. Remember earlier in the evening Dmir came by to spread his message?

Once he finished putting up his stencil I invited him to loosen up with me on some leftover plywood that I was going to use to build the DJ Booth with

Some measurements were made and cuts were applied...

I did not take many progress photos of this DJ booth build. At this point I was exhausting myself to finish all of these installations in one night and was focused solely on finishing the project. Not documenting. As you can see in the image above my painting explains with the two words that say it all, 'iM TIReD' below two characters who both look as if they are sleeping. To breeze through this a foundation was built from 3 wooden pallets, reinforced with 3/4 inch plywood, a custom cut countertop to accommodate DJ's size requirements, a secondary shelf inside the booth, a raised platform, and of course a stand in 7 ft. psychedelic sloth when the real DJ...

DJ Raver Teddy is not there

This about says it all. Three installations painted & built. No sleep. See you in the is morning... See you in a couple hours for part 3

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