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Art Basel Miami Part 1: Kingston to Wynwood

Have you ever heard of a little arts event called Art Basel held in Miami, FL?? Wynwood being the stronghold of the event. By little I mean gigantic and by gigantic I mean largest arts event in the world. Sounds like fun for those who love an overload of visual stimulation.

Back in 2014 I had the opportunity to visit Wynwood, Miami for the first time and it is an outstanding and truly unique section of the Earth. To get an idea of just how much artwork covers this area of Miami here is a photo of half of a block during that 2014 trip. HALF OF A BLOCK! There are lot of blocks here and

Paint everywhere!! A street artist haven. A contemporary artist inspiration. A vandals playground. A hipsters instagram paradise. A nightmare for the locals. This year I was fortunate enough to be invited to showcase during Art Basel week alongside the Antonio Lopez Collection in the Wynwood Block. Damn near right across the street from the Wynwood Walls. First priority, bring artwork and installation from Kingston, New York to Wynwood, Miami FL Only a short 20 hour drive..

For the first time in my life there is a feline passenger traveling in the same vehicle. Her name is Maggie. She slept for 18 hours of the drive.

20ish sleep deprived hours later HERE WE ARE

The legendary John Stavros, president of the Kingston Pop Museum, helping with the load out

As part of the Kingston Museum Pop Shop I will be exhibiting in the space seen below alongside the personal collection of Antonio Lopez artwork owned by John Stavros

Full view of the gallery space

Now that we have the truck unloaded we can begin the gallery setup and installation build

New artwork is selected and hung..

Early stages of an Obama mural-installation

Some wood cuts to accent the space

Mr President's color flow

Wood cut accents hung from the ceiling to put Stetz in the sky Eyeball cutout mounted to what will be a project for tomorrow, a bar installation build

day 1 progress.. lots more to follow

stay tuned for blog part 2 to see the continuation of this build and some photos of the artwork all around Wynwood In part 2 we will follow a marathon day of 3 installation builds and some special guest artists from all over the US

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