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New Mural Painted by Stetz in Syracuse, NY Part 3

A lot of new movement going on at the mural. The weather isn't helping any of the teams working on location. The parking lot needs to be paved immediately because of the oncoming snowstorm and the mural needs to be finished for the same reason. In order to do both at the same time we need to downgrade my lift to a much smaller much more shaky in the high winds model.

Those clouds are not happy clouds.

Finishing touches are being added to the mural. The great barn owl among those

The dark clouds came in much earlier today than they have the past couple days. The snow hasnt fallen but the cold rain is keeping many people inside. Who are the people staying outside, you ask? Construction workers and mural painters.

Here is an electric pole with the word pole on it.

here is a happy cheese grater

and here is a happy newly completed mural in Syracuse, NY

Please keep in mind that the exterior of this building is not complete yet. There will be new doors and several more enhancements made before the grand opening of the space in 2019

Aint she beautiful against that clear blue sky?

Im very much looking forward to seeing this mural next spring when the cold weather has subsided, the building is complete, and the flowers are blooming Thank you again to the Believe in Syracuse organization for being the momentum behind this mural! Thank you to the model of these 3 portraits, Nasrene Shehadeh Thank you to Rick for the accommodations & assistance with damn near everything And thank you to everyone shouted words of encouragement at me from a moving vehicle As always, it has been a pleasure Syracuse

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