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New Mural Painted by Stetz in Syracuse, NY Part 2

Part 2 New day, new colors to crack open AND!! BLUE SKIES After 12:30 the wall goes into the cold, windy, snowy, and dark shade of the upper east coast in late October. Yesterday the mural site experienced a change in season every hour. There was even a new season where the rain falls from the sky sideways and the wind turned it into sleet, and then when you look up while painting the sleet quickly turns into hail. Dont let the sunshine fool you, the clouds are coming in fast

As definition of the portraits come to full render the amount of people honking has increased. A tip for anyone who will think of approaching an artist while they are working: Please dont. Its not that we dont want to talk to you, we definitely do. Its that when working it is difficult to stay on schedule when every 10 minutes someone wants 5 minutes of your time. Just imagine you are watching Lebron James play basektball. During the game the entire first 4 rows of the audience are free to go onto the court and speak to the players. It would make for a pretty awful basketball game, right?

With spontaneous rain the key to more proficient work is to work fast. Real fast. 5 minute lunch break at the most.

Thank you Sara!!

The view behind the mural and the construction site

How to: Make a perfect circle See below

The finish line is only a couple hours away

Checkout Part 3 of this blog to see the finished painting!!!

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