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Heroes Con Day 2

Saturday morning, 9 am, hungover, stayed up too late, nothin to worry about I can sleep next week. A frequently asked question was, "Is this your first Con?" To which my frequently delivered reply was yes. At some point after being asked this people would always tend to inform me that Saturday is the big day, the day the convention center will be packed. The cosplayers will be in abundance and strollers will act as battering rams to clear a path in the aisles of the floor. I was excited to see the costumes. Apparently some of the best cosplayers in the world gather at this Convention to compete for a very generous cash prize(s). Anyone who has ever put an extra hour into a Halloween costume can appreciate the effort and time that some of these people put into their costumes. Not to many times in this life will you get to attend a world class costume contest unless you are at Mom's Ball during Mardi Gras. Where else in the world would I have to be for this photo to happen? Another childhood favorite, Spawn, looking through my binder of prints

Being stationed pretty far from the cosplay contest I caught no drift of what went down nor did I stop every person with an amazing costume and ask them for a photograph. My neighbor Hector was doing that which was pretty entertaining kind of like having a cosplay tour guide yelling out the species from the front of the bus. So if you were getting excited for the photos sorry about the let down. If you really need to see them type 'Heroes Con Cosplay' into your search bar and hit images. To make due, here's a kid in a costume one hood away from a problem..

Last night during the Drink n Draw a young woman by the name of Mary joined us at our table and after some talk I learned of her spectacular body painting talents and invited her to body paint at my booth. Took no time before she got started on her first canvas, a handsome little fella named Kyle.. Reluctant he was at first, lookit that face, that is not the face of a happy little guy

However, he warmed up once the Tysonsaurus Rex painting was complete


8pm rolled around and the convention center closed, wrapping up a much more lucrative day 2 of Heroes Con.

Next adventure is back to the Westin hotel for the Art Auction.

My body painting compadre and I filled up our Apple Juice bottles with adult beverages and made way for the Auction house but not before a pit stop at the bar to spend $50 on two cocktails.. Thats fuckin robbery Mr. Westin hotel convention room bartender

Once again I took no photos of the sights to be seen. My bad, if you wanna see them GO TO HEROES CON YOURSELF GET UP OFF THAT CHAIR. There were some beautiful and masterfully crafted works of art for auction but none reached even near the price point of one lot that went for $11,000. However, I did draw some more faces while waiting between lots....

Two more faces for balance while refueling on light blue colored electrolytes named Goose

And then wandered into the night making random left and right turns looking for something interesting.

Tomorrow is day 3, final day of Heroes Con ...lets see what random shit Sunday has in store...

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