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Ressurect Group Show at The Gear Factory in Syracuse, NY

Back in April, a week after my opening in Austin, I took flight up to Syracuse, NY to participate in one of the largest group shows to take place on the upper East Coast, The spring edition of a twice yearly show held at the Gear Factory. Over 100+ artists participated in the show! There was an astounding range of artwork everything from illustration to large scale sculpture.

The Gear Factory and owner, Rick, before renovation had begun.

For this specific show I wanted to build on an idea presented by the building owner, Rick, and build an installation using entirely found materials from within the Gear Factory. Some quick context: The building is 5 stories tall, each floor 10,000sq ft., and has been used for art shows, movie shoots, photo shoots, and all types of general weirdness. Most of the time a lot of the materials used for these shoots are left behind. My task at hand was to come in with no game plan, scavenge material from throughout the building, and somehow bring it all together in a visually pleasing way. The producers of the show had given me a 20x20' space to utilize.. LETS GET TO WORK

Going up to the 3rd floor it was hard to ignore the land locked boat sitting in the middle of the room. It was immediate, this boat will be the focus of the installation and the ocean theme will be worked around it.

A touch of clean up, some paint, and she's lookin brand new minus the whole being cut in half part..

My good friend (and father to be), Scott, stopped by to lend a helping hand and make some art of his own

Couple years back this floor was used for a movie shoot, some film with John Cusack, and they left the chairs strapped to the ceiling

Another friend by the name of Yonic came in from Florida and added a few tags around our boat wreck


After day one of rounding up all the material the team and I got to work getting everything organized, painted, cut, and mounted

Only a few more tweaks and the ship will be ready to sail for the opening tomorrow evening! Here's artist Jacc Shutter our friendly neighborhood pirate manning the vessel

Another good friend and photographer fresh off a world tour came by to display some of his photographs from India, Asia, and beyond

After 3 days the installation came to its full build! Check it out in its 360ness by clicking PLAY below!


We were joined by two beautiful models Mariah and Phoebe who would become our canvas' for the evening!

Mariah being painted by yours truly..

Artist Forrest Strata collaborating with Jacc Shutter to paint Phoebe

A huge thank you to these 2 beautiful souls for letting us turn them into walking canvas'!!!

And another huge thank you to Jacc Shutter and Forrest Strata for taking the time to help with the install build and display their artwork!!

This marks my third showing with the Gear Factory and every show gets better then the next! See you all again in November!!

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