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The Painting Game w/Jomau & 'Art Will Save Us' Group Show at Cherry Cola Dog

Before getting into the paint filled fun night collaborating with Jomau there's something you should know.. In Austin, TX there's a gallery called Cherry Cola Dog. Its the most unique, interactive, fun, weird, wild, random, beautiful exploration of self expression that I have ever found in 29 years of traveling this Earth. If you havent been I HIGHLY SUGGEST SPENDING A SATURDAY EVENING THERE! I sincerely promise you wont be disappointed. You'll throw them a small $10 at the door for entry but in hand you can bring all the booze you desire and dress however the fuck you want! You wanna make artwork while you're there? Go for it. You wanna watch fire spinners? They'll be there. You wanna watch 20+ artists live paint on the spot? They will be there!

One of these extraordinary Saturdays is the monthly 'Art Will Save Us' group show featuring the work of however many artists submit and can fit on the walls of the gallery space. This week one of my collages were on display.. This was the very first painting I had made when landing in Austin, TX (36 days ago..) It consists of all found wood, broken paint lids, random scraps given to me by my studio mate, a Topo Chico cap that was on my desk when I arrived, and it's all being held together by nails scavenged from the journey across the US leading up to its creation..

Now, onto one of the most fun live painting demonstrations I have ever been a part of.

If you pay close enough attention to this website you'll notice a mass number of sections that read "Collaboration with Jomau" .. And thats simply because I fucking love collaborating with this guy! There's no idea too absurd, he constantly pushes the boundaries, and we have reached a point in our collaborative endeavors where we can create fluidly without even speaking. Creative synergy at its finest. This creative synergy began at the very place this live painting demo takes place, Cherry Cola Dog, a little over a year ago when we first met due to the fact we had both been wearing similar sunglasses.

For tonights demo we want to get the crowd to be in on the painting. We dub the event, 'The Painting Game'

Quite simple in its execution.. We have a canvas and a ton of paint.

Members of the audience write suggestions of what they would like to see us paint on slips of paper provided next to our canvas.

Jomau or I randomly choose a new idea every 30 minutes and execute that idea through collaboration to the best of our ability in the allotted time.

9pm rolls around, the bucket is already full of ideas and we're ready to go!

First slip drawn reads: "A dragon vs. a pack of wolves vs. Spongebob"

Next round: "My social life is directly interfering with my work life"

Left side shows a drag queen out on the town by night and a suited up office worker with bags under the eyes and a long list of things to do to make help make someone else rich by day..

Next round: "Drunk Children"

You'll notice some remnants of the last round in this one.. We were on a time schedule and repainting a canvas of this size sucks up a lot of paint so to conserve time and paint we utilized whatever we could from the previous round. This one turned one of our children not only drunk but into a crossdresser

"One of the wolves is actually a sheep"

Iffy, a fellow creative and fire spinner stopped by

"Two men kissing/embracing in the milky way"

"Struggling w/ drug addiction"

Another scantily clad gypsy!!

"Alien eating pizza"

And lastly: "An Inter-dimensional dick penetrating an unimaginable god"

Now this one might not make sense to most people unless you are familiar with the artist Eye Dr (Click here to checkout his instgram). Eye Dr. submitted the idea and gloated that it will be the most difficult idea in the box, "There's no way you guys will come up with anything for mine" were his words if I remember correctly.. Well what we have here is a big ol' inter-dimensional nose dick penetrating an unimaginable god's mouth in the distinctive artistic style of Eye Dr. himself.

His words after we finished, "You got me."

Fuck yeah

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