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Lucy's Mural in Austin, TX

Thanks (again!) to Miles Starkey I was given the chance to create a mural at 2218 College Ave in Austin, TX alongside two of my favorite artists, ER & Helena

This was our canvas.. the entire garage space including the doors

Under time constraints we split the wall into 3 sections, this was mine

eyyyyy now its a collaboration

Given pretty much free reign the owner of the walls only creative input was make it something related to birds. ER chose a flamingo, I chose two cranes in battle, and Helena chose a chickadee.

Early progress alongside ER. Unfortunately Helena had no time to paint with us today

ER being a wizard of time bending he managed to finish his side up in only 2-3 hours with multiple conversation interruptions along the way

Day two, ER had finished his flamingo side.

In the true spirit of self destructive art-personality I was no longer into the cranes and decided a 5 eyed owl was more my spirit animal right now. Some quick alterations and we're on our way into the deepest depths of the owls 5 eyed wisdom.

Helena on the far left nearly finished with her chickadee

Work in progress shot taken by Rachelle Penny

My finished 5 eyed owl

Be careful not to stare into its eyes for too long or you might reveal your true self (unless you're ready for that)

Full view of Helena's chickadee, my owl, and ER's flamingo

Action mouth missing shot by my favorite photographer, Mr. Mike Grey

Check these murals out at

Lucys Fried Chicken on 2218 College Ave in Austin, TX!!

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