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Live Painting with Hearing the Homeless for SXSW (More Owls!)

If you read back on my blog you'll see a previous post about working with the organization Hearing The Homeless. They do a lot of good for the unnoticed residents of the community by providing meals, clothing, a helping hand, and debit cards loaded with $ for those in need. Today I performed a live painting demonstration at their booth located right in front of the SXSW Convention Center. Imagery? More owls! Lets begin..

A very unique canvas as this one is made up of tiny panels mounted to magnets and stuck to a metallic panel behind the canvas.. Here we have Kevin, the founder of Hearing the Homeless, on the left and his associate prepping the canvas

First lines..

And this is where the day took a very unexpected turn... One of the metal panels were not adhered as well as the others and took a bit of a spill mid painting...

Good thing we all fancied an impromptu 40 minute puzzle...

Once the pieces were put back into place I could start adding final details

Being in the most heavily trafficked section of SXSW I was greeted by a lot of visitors of all walks of life. None dressed quite as well as Michaela from LA

Couple hours and one puzzle later we have our finished 3 eyed owl painting

Thank you to Hearing the Homeless for fighting the good fight and to all the people who stopped by to chat with me

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