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Collaboration Mural with Jomau X Miles Starkey X Muck Rock

There's a Texas born boy named Miles Starkey. Miles fucking loves art. He ventures into the realm of painting but, once upon a time he told me it's not his passion. What he loves is bringing artists together. He loves building canvas' for artists to paint. He loves getting artists giant canvas' to paint. One warm evening he called me excited as a pig at a Golden Corral,

"Muck Rock is in town for SX! and I got the OK for her to paint a mural on the front of 1500! Do you wanna come watch?!"

I was unaware of the name Muck Rock but Miles' enthusiasm is contagious

Curious as to what she'll paint in such a short time frame (in the middle of the night) I sat by an observed.. She began with a bunny outline..

and in no time at all that one innocent bunny found a partner to get "hugged" by from behind. One long bunny hug goes well paired with a cigarette

After seeing this giant throwie get put up it was evident that I had in fact seen Muck's work all over the US. Who could forget a throwie of bunnies fucking? I mean hugging..

It had gotten late and we all had the itch to continue painting (even Miles!). Some short discussion later we were given the go ahead to start a mural on the back of the 1500 building. Suggesting a collaboration we were also joined by Jomau. This was our canvas..

For imagery we decided to make a face split into 4 sections and meeting in all the middles. Jomau had the top left, I the top right, Miles the bottom left, and Muck the bottom right. The bottom right even had authentic human feces on the wall. Muck voluntarily took that section, now that's a team player

By this point Muck had to catch a ride back to her place of rest as she had a flight in a few hours and Miles, being the 24/7 worker he is, took refuge inside to make calls and order food for us. Leaving Jomau and I the skeletons of this 4 sectioned beast. Oh yeah it's also 4am at this point...

What the hell is time anyway? Only a number. We were in no rush to sleep even though we had gotten none in the past 9 days.

Shortly before the sun rose we called it a night after the buffet of pizza, hamburgers, and cheesy bread carb goodness provided by Mr. Starkey.

This is our finished product!!

Jomau and I had intended to add a few final details once we can see the mural in the sunlight but unfortunately this mural never made it through the week. Litle bit of info I left out is that there is a farmers market across the street. This face is staring so devilishly at the children and patrons of the market.. Some of them didnt enjoy it as much as we did creating it. One of my favorite collaborative murals had a mere 6 days run. But so goes the game.. art made in public is fair game to taggers, vandals, the buff man, and the personal preference of those with the higher authority to erase it if need be. But goddamn did I have a lot of fun making it with Jomau, Miles, and Muck!!

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