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Hearing the Homeless Live Painting Event at HOPE Outdoor Gallery in Austin, TX

Hearing the Homeless Mission Statement: HTH provides an effective avenue for the public to donate directly to the homeless using innovative technologies that maximizes the impact of funds

Over 20 artists came out to support Hearing the Homeless by live painting a panel in their distinctive style. Each panel will end up sold, auctioned, or displayed around town to bring awareness to the organization and help promote the never ending need to help the less fortunate neighbors around us

My buddy Jomau getting started on his middle panel

Another artist in progress taking a unique approach to the unconventional canvas. Once he "finished" he took all the panels down and scrambled them, painting a new image over top the scrambled canvas

Wide shot of the HOPE Outdoor Gallery while artists are in progress painting. On top of all the artists seen here there are another 5 artists working to the left of this photo

One of the visitors came draped in her "Divorce dress" and let everyone and anyone throw paint all over it

Panel by SEVEN

My favorite of all the panels today.. unfortunately I cant remember the artists name (if anyone knows please email me so I can give credit!)

My finished panel for Hearing the Homeless

Thank you to Kevin and Blaire for dedicating so much of your time to those less fortunate and throwing such a beautiful event

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