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'Art Will Save Us' at Cherry Cola Dog & Collaboration with ER

Cherry Cola Dog. Its an art gallery but I use those words loosely. Its much, much, much more than that. Sure you can come for the art shows, stand around with your hands behind your back and ponder the artists thoughts as you gaze upon the works of art by 80+ artists but if you choose to stick around past 8pm you'll be in for a wild ride full of live art, fire spinning, live performances, costume troops, and every other level of beautiful weirdness you could imagine

Its the closest you can get to visiting the most mind bending festival without having to subject yourself to the festival life. The show only has a cover fee of $10 but with that comes more live performances than you can keep track of PLUS everyones favorite words, (short of open bar) bring your own booze!

Before the show had begun I was at Cherry Cola Dog and was tasked with buffing the live painting walls. The painting below was particularly hard to cover but gotta do what you gotta do right.. ?

There was a slight drizzle while buffing the panels. After painting the walls I left for a couple hours and upon return it was clear that the art gods had a higher purpose for this mural. The rain washed all of the buff paint off, revitalizing the under painting and bringing it alive once again. Instead of re-buffing the panels I decided to consult the original creator, ER, and ask if he would like to collaborate on this painting, he was more then happy to

Once he arrived we got to work!

Quick intermission to check out the party

My painting on display in the gallery space

More live art happening

Live painting by Dallas' own Jon McKenzie

My good friend Luke from NY who has since relocated to Austin came by to spread some joy

Before the party was over ER and I had completed our painting! Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes this painting rose from the buff paint and reincarnated brighter, stronger, and DOPE AS F**K!

This painting is currently for sale, please contact Cherry Cola Dog if you are interested

Painting measures 8 x 6' and can be delivered

Also give ER a follow @erthink if you havent already

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