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Live Painting at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM

Have you ever heard of Meow Wolf? If you havent, click that link and check out their website real quick... It's a fully interactive and immersive art installation/psychedelic journey through the home of a modern day family. The home is converted into a portal through dimensions and realms that the average human mind cant comprehend let alone navigate through without getting lost in the mushroom forest, playing musical mammoth ribs, or walking through an all white light tunnel and coming out of the empty refrigerator. Here's a couple pics to try and give you a glimpse into this new world..

I had a whole day to kill in this adult playpen until the main event later tonight when Russ Liquid gets on stage and this psychedelic candy-land turns into a concert venue. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to live paint during this event compliments of one of the best artists in New Mexico by the name of @Dice_51 (give him a follow if you dont already)!

Painters from 3 states were getting down during the concert.. Colorado to New Mexico to New York

Some party people with my work in progress..

Dice_51 getting down

Close up of my sketch in progress..

!! the final product !!

Big thank you to Dice_51 and Meow Wolf for putting on an amazing show and creating an absolutely mind blowing space

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