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Painting on the Beach

Legal walls to free paint on are becoming more and more uncommon in America. Walls of fame are being torn down, free paint spots are being tore down, and more and more Starbucks are going up. Fortunately there are still a few spread across the USA that harvest the creative freedom that large scale artists, graff artists, and street artists can relish on. One of those free paint spots are located on Venice Beach in California right off the boardwalk, next to a skatepark, alongside the basketball courts, and right behind you, the Pacific Ocean!

I had one day to kill in Venice and took full advantage of the beautiful California weather. Starting with the early morning sun I found a hardware store with some $5.00 off color gallons of paint and made my way straight for the graff walls on the beach. Once I got there an artist by the name of Camej (coming in all the way from Poland) had already begun painting

The days always more fun when you have a partner in paint, lets begin

Couple short hours later we're all finished

Camej's finished piece in the green and yellow. If you look at it upside down it reads both ways. The Dodgers hat wearing fella on the left was painted there previously by an unknown artist but it was so dope Camej refused to go over it (and I dont blame him at all)

My finished sketch

and the next day when the fog rolled in and the painting was mostly intact

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