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Freestyle Friday

There's more to a painting then brushes and pigment. There's an entire consciousness driving the human vehicle between varying vibrating frequencies delivering a message from one section of the brain to the next all influenced by a life of decision making and interruptions occurring at every given moment. The artwork is a culmination of the artist surroundings and often times while creating a work of art the artist chooses to work in silence or adjusts their audio intake to whatever floats their boat. Whatever their musical preference may be, jazz, classical, death metal, rock, country, trance, south indian flute meditation music, 70s funk, blues, or my favorite, hip hop.

There are many forms of hip-hop. I could write for days about the styles, forms, and influences of hip hop but today Im narrowing it all down to a skill developed among MC's that I have always admired more then any other form of art, the freestyle. This blog post is to pay homage to the artists who can start with only a breathe of air and deliver under an improvised rhythm, structure, and story line while rhyming their way through the path of organization that is not only accurate but pleases the ears and moves your feet. Sometimes it even moves people to battle and Im not talking freestyle battle, Im talking someone said something that delivered a verbal samurai sword through their opponents throat and their opponents brain malfunctions leaving them only capable of processing through their primal code in result assaulting the one wielding the sword. Its one hell of a sight to see but Im not here to post any videos of people fighting, only what I consider some top quality freestyling. So without further ado, Im gonna stop talking and let our MCs take care of your mind First Ill start you out with something new from Black Thought. Not only is this one of the best freestyles Ive ever heard but he goes in for 10 MINUTES

Recently got turned onto this kid from Philly named Rone, very clever delivery, fun to listen to

Battle starts at 3:10 mark

Here's something a little different that Rone did with Pat Stay. Instead of a battle full of insults the entire battle is compliments, some funny shit

Next up we have one of my favorites, Big L & Jay-Z. Never really been a fan of Jay but this bumps

Tribe & Consequence

One of the best of the best back when YO! MTV RAPS found its way on our airwaves

Rakim, KRS-One, Erick Sermon, Chubb Rock, AND MC Serch

We could keep this list going for days but I'll leave you off at lucky number 7 with one of the most iconic freestyles of all time. One of the only freestyles that you can play at a party and people know the words to. Scoob, Biggie, 2pac, Shyheim, Big Daddy Kane, FUCK WITH THIS

Bonus round, this isnt a freestyle but this song is too good not to include. Being that it's freestyle Friday and it's not even Friday I feel the rules (that dont exist) dont apply here so as an added bonus here's 'Fronto' on freestyle Friday by one of my favorite MCs who so graciously graced the stage at one of my art shows in 2016

I give you MADWIZ

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