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Artist Feature: BOOGIEREZ Part 2, Art Battle at PoMeCo in Poughkeepsie, NY

This past Saturday BoogieREZ and I were invited to battle it out with brush at PoMeCo in Poughkeepsie, NY

Basketball reference time: While David Robinson was being mentored by Julius Erving he asked Julius why he would never play him one on one? Dr. J replied, "I only play against people who elevate my game" Rules of the battle are simple.. There's our canvas, we have under three hours to finish it using any medium, in any style, in any theme, no spray paint


my arena for the evening

Boogies side


my right hand man

With the battle going on inside ENZ was outside rocking his wall in the cold rain

The last time I ran into ENZ he was painting with a high fever

mother nature isnt stopping him in this lifetime

Crowds stacking up as we are winding down into the final minutes of the battle

My painting

And the winner issssssssss miss BOOGIE!

Thank you to Ovid of PoMeCo for the invite and hosting the battle!

And a special thank you to Boogie for being an inspiration for game elevation!

Happy Birthday BOOGS!

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