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Artist Feature: BOOGIEREZ!!

BOOGIEREZ is a creative powerhouse bound together by a billion watt generator of good energy bursting from it's seams into a multiverse made up of one eyed gooey grape colored monsters, lucha masked little girls rocking Reeboks, banana headed birds, and optimistic spectral octopi who brought plenty of slime juice and milk to the party. An endless source of imagination, creation, and inspiration that brings out the best in everyone they are around and has a willingness to teach and learn from others. BoogieREZ consists of two complementing entities of mass skill and style. To put it simply, in the few years Ive known BoogieREZ, I have never seen Boogie without a brush (/paint marker/spray can) in her hand

and Ive never seen REZ without a camera strap over his shoulder

Today just so happens to be the born day of miss BOOGIE! I could rant for hours about her artwork, the time and dedication she puts into each piece, the desire to evolve her skills, to explore new ideas, to stay fresh, to stay in constant motion and collaboration with artists from all walks of life while expanding her knowledge of the craft and becoming a master in her field. My words could never do justice to the excellency of her work so please take the time to check out her work below!

and when you wanna see more you can check out or their instagram @riiisaboogie & @rezones


To see more works by BoogieREZ

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