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Ressurection Art Show at the Gear Factory in Syracuse, NY

Its very very VERY rare to come across an art show that has no commission on art sold at the show. Its even more rare to come across an art show that plans to fill over 20,000 sq. feet of space with over 140+ artists. Add in that there is no admission/cover charge and oh yeah, artists can customize their space to their liking. This isnt just a hang your art and go show. Wanna display your artwork in a coffin? Make sure to bring it through the load-in elevator. Want to build an installation around your art? Go for it. Oh you created a 30ft glowing tree? Bring it through the front. Have an idea for a mural? Lets see if we have any wall space left

This year marks the 11th year of the Resurrection Group Show at the Gear Factory in Syracuse, NY and my second year participating. Houstons finest Fred Wu (AKA Squidshop) joined me on this week of constant creation and thanks to Rick & Jake we were able to utilize a huge work space in the Gear Factory to build and create over the course of 6 days

Last year I live painted a quick mural during the show...

This year the plan was to paint a new mural over the old one, build an installation at its base, live paint a couple models during the show. SquidShop will be painting multiple 8x8' murals that will be hung with a 360 degree view during the show, all with a merch booth working seamlessly into all of this.

Here we goooooooo

2 layer progress on my mural..

Squidshop the ghetto James Bond

Stand alone painting of that drunk guy pissing on your doorstep

About halfway there..

Giant metal ant created by the man behind the Gear Factory, Rick

One of the best parts about this building is the random art leftover from past shows. Here we have a three directional bicycle with only one seat and no functionality because why the fuck not?

First days mural progress! Check out part 2 of this blog post to see the finished mural!

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