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Suwanee Hulaween Festival Pt. 3: Live Painting and Festival Photos

Our install is built but the work is never over. For the duration of the festival I live painted through the 3 day dusty mess meeting hundreds of new strangers, making new friends, and collaborating with fellow artists. On top of all that there was A MASSIVE visual overload of all the other art created on the festival grounds. Take some time to check out all the photos of the other installs and live painting process over 3 days plus some of the new friends we made along the way

First Im gonna start you out with a photo of my favorite installation at the entire festival

Now, some live painting..

The Flaguana crew came by and asked me to add some flair to their golf cart

Our lovely fire breathing neighbor with viper eyes

Ready for side 2.. sugar skull with some text..

For the text my man Chris from Savannah, GA came through to add 'HULA' to the painting

Lot of Street Fighter cosplay at the festival

And now for some photos of the other installs around the festival!

The mural maze

This first photo is the work of the extremely talented John Gay

Spirit Lake

Night view from my campsite

Quick painting for our camp neighbors from St. Petersburg, FL

and some beautiful scantily clad festival fairies

See you next year Hulaween!

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