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Suwanee Hulaween Festival Pt. 1: Install Build

The greatest festival Ive never heard of until the mastermind behind String Theory Productions, Joel Hankins, invited me to work with his team to build an installation at the Suwanee Hulaween Festival in Live Oak, FL.

What ensued was 5 days of creative chaos, hobo dogs, mass dust ingestion, painted buttcheeks, Flaguana golf carts, and the most visual stimuli Ive ever experienced in my short life on this rock floating through space ..The music wasnt too bad either

Below are some process photos of our installation build Stay tuned for the next post to see the final install photos!

Joel Hankins prepping the canvas


Getting started painting our two skulls...

Cole aaand MUSHROOMS

Artist John Gay helping with the sugar skull designs

First skull is painted, cut out, and ready to be strung out

Our team burning the 4am oil..

Joel & Cole prepping our judgmental owl

Check out the next blog post for final install photos!!

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