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Exhibition Opening at Kingston Pop Museum

October 2, 2017

Saturday September 30th at the Kingston Pop Museum was my first solo show in over 2 years at the newly renovated KPM museum space located at 672 Broadway in Kingston, NY



With over 100 new paintings, drawings, and a new window installation on display there was no shortage of visual stimuli filling both gallery spaces



In the main space was the newest iteration of my collage installation featuring some of my favorite drawings, paintings, photographs, and road relics collected over the past year



The rest of the gallery spaces were filled with works ranging in size from 4x5' to a little 4x4"


















A couple full view shots of the gallery spaces







With help from museum owner John Stavros we were able to bring a my vision for his window display to life




A HUGE THANK YOU to the Kingston Pop Museum & John Stavros for giving me creative freedom of the museum space! For being a mentor, friend, and supporter of my work over the past couple years since bringing me into his crazy world




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