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Window Install Build @ the Kingston Pop Museum

For this past weekends Kingston Art Walk I was commissioned by John Stavros, owner and curator of the Kingston Pop Museum, to create a window display in his new gallery space The idea was simple, make one of my paintings 3D... Lets get started..

First steps are drawing up and cutting out the imagery I used 1/2 inch plywood

Add some color...

Next step is creating the rainbow paintbrush ring that will be orbiting the head of our women..

Cutting and painting two more layers of mountain and sky background..

Lunch break!..

One of the final touches, hanging our rainbow paintbrush ring.. (huge thanks to John Stavros here for the help!)

After hanging a couple more birds, adjusting our waves, and included a few organic color blobs we have our final product!

You can check out this display at anytime by stopping by the Kingston Pop Museum! Located at 672 Broadway in Kingston, NY. The display will be up until late November!

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