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Living Under a Bridge

Not many people look at a bridge and see shelter, solitude, and a place to sleep. The people who do see a bridge as those three things (usually) maintain a pack up and go lifestyle, laying roots and building a place to sleep requires more effort than reward as you could be kicked out from underneath the bridge the next day.. I'm an appreciator of places of solitude that are hard to get to. Underground tunnels, mountain top cabins, tree forts, sheds in the woods, underground lairs, rooftops, and bomb shelters, anywhere that will allow a person to shut off the rest of the world and have time alone. Searching for these places I've spent many nights sleeping under bridges all around the US waking up to 5 of the sharpest dressed men on a Tuesday morning in Savannah all wearing fedoras, riding bicycles, and late for church because they are hiding out under this bridge waiting for the rainstorm to pass. A gator doesnt run fast in the mud..

but never have I looked at a bridge the way this man did.. Give this video a watch and change your perspective on work spaces

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