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O+ Festival in Poughkeepsie, NY [Part 1]

The constantly expanding O+ Festival has branched out to Poughkeepsie, NY for another fun filled weekend of music, wellness, and FIVE brand new murals!

Artists John Breiner, Boogie (Risa Tochigi), Mr PRVRT (Justin Suarez), and myself (Stetz) were invited to bring our vision of the this years O+ theme 'Home' to the walls of Poughkeepsie (with a bonus mural by the Cross City Tattoo crew)

The walls Boogie, myself, and John Breiner will be painting (from left to right)

Artist Mr PRVRT and John Breiner had a couple days head start on their murals and they are looking incredible!!


John Breiner

A GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO GOLDEN for sponsoring O+ Festival and allowing us artists use of the best paints this little planet called Earth has to offer!

First lines and a little bit of color

John Breiner on the right putting some (nearly) final details on his mural O+ Founder Joe Concra and Mr PRVRT on the left

Boogies here to join the jam! with a big sketch to get started

(and the shoes to match)

This is a wrap on Part 1 Be sure to check out Part 2 of this blog post to see all the finished murals!!

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