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The 'Organize' Folder

My desktop is a mess

To combat this mess I put everything into a file called 'Organize.' Only once or twice a year I get around to actually organizing the organize file... Its one of my least favorite times of the year.. Today is one of those days..

There are over 5,000 files in this folder! All the photos on this blog were chosen from that folder at random, just scrolled through the folder + command + click. These photos or drawings will probably never be used for anything else, deleted, or forgotten about. They reside in the depths of the organize file, the bottom dwellers, paintings and drawings that remind me of awful days or days I never want to forget. Some are going to be printed and hung in my bedroom. Some will end up in books and zines I publish.. Some of the drawings were made in pits of depression. Some of these photos were taken on the best day(s) of my life. Some of these photos were sent to me by strangers, some were taken by friends, some were taken on the east coast, some on the west coast, some in the south, some weren't taken in America. They all tell a story whether it be good or bad. If you want to know the back story to any of these feel free to contact me and ask the meantime, enjoyyyy


A collection of my works alongside skate decks by Nick Hest and a painting by Whitney Luedtke

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