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New Paintings, a Commission of Love

A few weeks ago I was approached at Mystery Landers Festival to create a custom work of art for a young architect out of downstate NY. When being commissioned on the basis of "Create anything, I just really like your style" I ask the one commissioning the painting to e-mail me a brief bio, maybe some reference photos that they like, or describe who or what influences you. This helps me get an idea of who I am painting for and what to paint for them.. A couple days later I received a text from the guy commissioning the painting that read "I may have went a little overboard, hopefully you have some time on your flight to read the whole e-mail."

He wasnt lying! What he sent was the single most in-depth breakdown I've ever received. A solid 20 minute read! This was one creative to another, explaining his work, his process, and his life. At no point asking me anything particular to paint but referencing everything from architecture he's created to symbolism that frequently occurs throughout his life. After reading over his short story the underlying message was the quest for love in life and happiness in ones work. I had a million ideas on what to paint for him, so many that I had to expand the single painting into two paintings. Creating my rendition of the architect and his counterpart, more specifically the lone festival girl, living in her moment apart from the herd and taking in the full experience of life

Unfortunately I didnt take any process photos of the architect painting but I did manage to snap a few of the girl in process


Thank you Christian!

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