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Stetz Express at Mystery Landers Festival in Narrowsburg, NY Day 1

Out of one festivals ashes rises another in Narrowsburg, NY. Mystery Landers Festival stands despite this years fall of Mystery Land. I brought out the Stetz Express, the aRt-V, a handful of friends, and live painted each day for all the festival goers. Even getting some of them involved in my painting process

Stetz Express right in front of the main stage!

and a jet ski in a kiddie pool

Getting started on my live painting canvas for the day

Some of the Lord of Landers were nice enough to help me make a mess on my painting

And the finished painting!!

Thanks to everyone who came by and helped me throw some paint around!

Now ..WE PARTY with mermaid unicorn women, wide eyed laser beams, and Spyro bathroom horses

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