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Stetz Express at Mystery Landers Festival Day 2

There's a significantly small span of time at a festival, usually around 4-6am, where you are met with a crucial decision to make.. Do I go to sleep, waking up well rested with a solid 5-6 hours sleep? Or stay awake all night, powering through the day sleep deprived, fueled by hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and a hope that the clouds block out the death rays of the sun barricading your every move putting you in a vampire like state where you maneuver through the festival jumping from shadow to shadow like some sort of deep jungle Panamanian night monkey? Or.. do you tell yourself you'll just lay down for a few hours, "all I need is 3 hours and Ill be good to go," there wont be any side effects especially no hangover.. Even though you know you're lying to yourself but your mind is clouded from the spray paint fumes, free party favors, and festival enablers who are very convincing around this hour.. I think it was Francis Bacon who said "I often like working with a hangover because my mind is crackling with energy and I can think very clearly." Lets go with that..

Some body sketching to start the hungover morning

Live painting canvas number 2! Trying something different with this one..

Finished painting! Multiple art teachers have told me that every painting an artist makes is a self portrait. I dont necessarily agree with that 100% of the time but right now, very strongly agree

Drew up a few custom t-shirts for anyone who asked while working on that painting

now, back to the party

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