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Stetz Express at the Newburgh Illuminated Festival

This past Saturday was the first day of the year that the Stetz Express was open for visual pleasure at the Newburgh Illuminated Festival

To host a celebration of the history and people of Newburgh, NY. For the purpose of highlighting the assets and achievements of the city. The Newburgh Illuminated Festival is an event designed to bring people and families together in celebration, to ‘illuminate’ and market the great assets of the City, to bring new people into the city, thus resulting in increased tourism, new business and positive regional perception.

The mobile Stetz Gallery returns this year with a new exterior paint job and and TONS of new artwork on the interior. The festival gods brought us blue skies, dancing, and loud music up and down all of Broadway and Liberty St.!! We were located right in front of the main stage where the extremely talented verbal virtuoso Decora headlined after 12 hours of acts performing across 2 stages.

If it werent for that one gust of wind that blew the Stetz Express across the street destroying the t-shirt racks and 4 paintings I would have called it a perfect day

New paintings, new prints, new t-shirts, new stickers, coloring books, zines, and more!

We'll be at the Mystery Landers Festival in Narrowsburg, NY next weekend! June 9-11th!

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