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O+ Festival Haverhill Day 2, Mural Painted at Phoenix Rising

I wasn't suppose to paint a mural at this festival, only live paint. But the planets of Joe Concra and Pastor Donna (who runs Phoenix Rising in Haverhill) aligned to create an opportunity to paint a pretty damn big wall in a pretty damn short amount of time. All it took was one short conversation:

Joe: Pastor Donna, Eugene and I have an idea for the wall in back, the one with the bad graffiti on it... Donna: Whats the idea? Joe: That we paint a mural on it Donna: Go for it


The only stipulation was that I include the 'Worshipping Oak.' A tree that has lived in Haverhill for over 400 years, only falling recently (2 weeks ago..)

Here we go...

Joe CO+ncra helping me out with the black fills

5 hours later and Im done!

After a long and sleepless weekend, we rest..

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