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Prom Time with Fred Wu

If you spend enough time at HOPE Outdoor Gallery this time of year you'll start to see an abundance of prom proposals pop up. Everything from someone whose never used spray paint before writing out "Will You Go To Prom With Me, (insert name)?" to someone commissioning one of the artists on deck to skillfully write out "Will You Go To Prom With Me, (insert name)?" A lot of different variations of that but the same idea and message. None of these proposals really stood out as over the top until my buddy Fred Wu was contacted to paint a portrait as part of a prom proposal. He obliged and when the day came he got to work covering the entire upper level back wall..

Our man who commissioned this act of romance on the left walking his Queen (with closed eyes) up to the top of the hill for his Prom-posal revealing

She (of course) said yes!

It wasnt the idea that made this proposal seem over the top to me, it was the family and friends (and Fred!) that came together to make this happen. In front of the wall were his best friends, to the left of this photo was his whole family (happily passing out ice cream sandwiches) with more of the couples friends, far behind us was his mother with what seemed like a foot long lens taking incognito photos of the whole experience (while wiping tears off her screen), and the hours of work he stood by for prior to the revealing making sure the whole event went perfectly all under the guise of romance. He even made sure to add his own touch of authenticity and spray paint the wording himself

Hey Fred what did you think of your prom?

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