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Earth Day Collab. Mural w/Gage Kelsey, Kimie Flores, and @alla_mode

April 24, 2017

"Today we tell the tale of when the Lady of the Sky returned to Earth to rekindle her love with the Man of mountains. Depicted is the cosmic loving embrace of the two natural forces the moment woman arrived back on Earth."

- Gage Kelsey



     An idea that was conceived over to many beers and executed from drunken scrawling on the back of wet notebook paper. Today we celebrate the Earth and the Cosmos with Gage Kelsey, Kimie Flores, and Alla Pap at HOPE Outdoor Gallery


our canvas for the day



 Gage Kelsey getting started



 Alla painting beauty



 Gage on the left and Kimie Flores on the right




Quick break to check out all the other artists who came out to paint today


Lewy V



 Ryan, Bloxx, and Helena





 Kimie Flores



 Clean up before the finishing touches are made



AND WE'RE DONE! Little perspective on the scale of this painting.
See if you can spot Kimie and Alla!








Wouldnt be prom night without a quick stop at the graffiti park?



Before / After


Thank you to everyone who came out to watch this in person and to those who donated to the Taco & Paint for Artist Foundation!!

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